One day intensiv class

Date : 26 Aug 2017

Time : 11:00 - 16:00

Class : One day intensiv class

Location : Winterthur (Obere Schoentalstr.)

Price : 220 CHF (pro person)

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Class name Inside-Out Roll (for beginners)
Overview Class information
Time 3 hours
Place Von Winterthur-Hauptbahnhof mit Bus Nr. 1 drei Haltestellen Richtung „Töss“ bis zur Haltestelle „Loki“. Von „Loki“ zu mir sind es etwa 200 Meter Fussmarsch.
(You will receive a detailed location guide after the registraion.)
Seats Maximum number of participators is 6.
There are 6 places available for course booking changes. Please contact me by telephone or email if you wish to change your course.
Before booking, please make sure to confirm that a sufficient number of openings are available. If only the number 1 is displayed in the participant number section, only one opening remains.
Price 100 Fr. (Price on weekdays)
110 Fr. (Price on weekends) (per person)
As a cancellation fee of 50 Fr. occurs for cancellations within 48 hours of the course, please notify me as soon as possible.
Payment payment
Voucher If you would like to book the course as a present (voucher), please write the following in the comment box: 1. name of the voucher recipient and 2. your address.
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