Japanese cooking (Okonomiyaki) in June 2019

We cooked okonomiyaki, omelet (tamago-yaki), Salted salmon (shio-jyake), miso soup, Japanese rice with edamame and Sesame-Pudding in the class. It was so delicious!




Japanese cooking class (Shoyu-Ramen) in May 2019

We cooked shoyu-ramen, Gyoza, Bon bon chicken and Green tea cream brulee. I made the ramen-noodle with the “Philips Pasta Maker“.

One day intensive sushi class in April 2019

We prepared thin rolls, inside-out Rolls and Nigiri in 5 hours. It was fun!

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Onsite sushi course in Zürich in April 2019 (2)

I gave an onsite sushi course in Zurich.
I had a really wonderful time. Thank you so much!