Online Cooking Class in Autumn : Mochi, Seared Sea Bass, Scallops in Dashi Soup, and Cucumber Radish Salad

23/10/2022 - 4:30 PM

We’ll make mochi without using a steamer or a microwave!
So please prepare your favorite filling for the mochi, such as Anko (red bean paste), fruit, ice cream, etc.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Seared Sea Bass
Seared Sea Bass

Scallops in Dashi Soup
Scallops in Dashi Soup

Cucumber Radish Wakame Sesame Salad

mochi with fruits or icecrem
mochi with fruits or icecrem

Timeapprox. 2 hours
Placeat home via ZOOM
SeatsThe maximum number of Screens is 7.
Price65 CHF (per activate screen)
Preise for online classes
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