40th online Japanese cooking class in 3.2022 Okonomiyaki

Japanese cooking online class in Zurich

I gave the 40th Japanese online cooking class on 27th March.
We have prepared
Okonomiyaki, egg drop soup, teriyaki with shirataki (konjac) and vegetarian spring roll.
I bought shirataki noodles at Coop. #coopch

Thank you so much for your participation!

I finally came back to Japan temporarily the other day, and I’m on FB and Instagram @sushi_yoko_com or @sushi_yoko_kimono.
I am updating our stay in Japan such as Koya-san Temple and Shojin-Ryori.
Please follow me!

Gutschein is always available to ship from Switzerland by A-Post.
Thank you very much.
You can order here.


Happy Easter!

Japanese cooking online class in Zurich
Japanese cooking online class in Zurich
Japanischer Kochkurs Sushi Yoko
Japanischer Kochkurs Sushi Yoko

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