Sushi voucher with your personal message

For those looking to purchase a sushi class voucher:

If you would like to send a message along with the voucher, please send it to me as a text document.

I can print the message on a nice A6 card that matches the voucher and send it with the gift voucher.

Please let me know your requirements after completing your order.

I can also send the voucher directly to the recipient via A Mail or send it to you as a PDF file.


Sushi voucher with message in Zürich
Sushi-Gutschein mit Nachricht in Zürich

Private course with a maximum of 4 people

Dear customers

Under the rule of “up to 5 private meetings”, we will only provide private classrooms at my home or at your home upon request.

Course participants do not necessarily have to come from a single household, as federal household regulation is only a recommendation. We can hold private courses for up to 4 people (5 people including me), but we are closed for regular classes. Thank you for your understanding.

I look forward to seeing you in our online class!
Please stay safe.

online cooking class Yakitori in August 2020

I gave a Japanese cooking class online for the first time in 2 months. I was glad to see 10 families after a long time.
We cooked yakitori (salty and with sauce). Additionally, as a side dish, we made a cold tomato salad in dashi soup.
Finally, having a toast with people from all over Europe is a fun moment.
Thank you for your participation!

Onsite Japanese cooking (Okonomiyaki) in December 2019

We prepared okonomiyaki and sashimi at the birthday party.
It was very delicious. Thank you very much.

Private Japanese cooking (Yakitori) in November 2019

We cooked yakitori (with salt, sauce), Tempura, miso Soup, Japanese rice with edamame, in the class. It was so delicious!

Japanese cooking class (Ramen) in January 2019

We cooked tantan-ramen, dim sum (shumai) and spring rolls. I made the ramen-noodle with the “Philips Pasta Maker“.

Onsite Sushi class in July 2018 (2)

I visited the beautiful house and we prepared nigiri, inside-out Roll and thin rolls. It was fun!


Onsite sushi course in June 2018

We visited a beautiful flower shop “Roses & Sparkles Trestian” in Kloten and we prepared inside-out Roll and thin rolls in 3 hours. It was fun!