Online Cooking Course: Sashimi and Nigiri sushi

Why don’t you make nigiri sushi together in the online class on Saturday, March 13th from 5 pm to 6:30 pm?
You will be able to make cool nigiri sushi like those made by professionals.
This time I want to make nigiri sushi with salmon. Of course, you can prepare the sushi with prawns, scallops and avocado. You can use a kitchen (flambé) burner if you have one.
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Nigiri sushi online class
Nigiri sushi online class
Sashimi class in Zurich
Sashimi class in Zurich

scallops and shrimp for Nigiri Sushi

You can buy scallops and shrimp in the supermarkets such as Migros or Coop in Switzerland.

Nigiri sushi with scallops and shrimp
Nigiri sushi with scallops and shrimp
Crevetten migros
Crevetten Migros
Jacobs-Nüsse migro
Jacobs-Nüsse Migros
Crevetten coop
Crevetten Coop
Jacobs-Nüsse coop
Jacobs-Nüsse Coop

Sushi voucher with your personal message

For those looking to purchase a sushi class voucher:

If you would like to send a message along with the voucher, please send it to me as a text document.

I can print the message on a nice A6 card that matches the voucher and send it with the gift voucher.

Please let me know your requirements after completing your order.

I can also send the voucher directly to the recipient via A Mail or send it to you as a PDF file.


Sushi voucher with message in Zürich
Sushi-Gutschein mit Nachricht in Zürich

private Japanese cooking class in August 2020

I explained Japanese food philosophie and the umami in a private Japanese cooking class. We cooked tantan ramen, tsukemono, etc., mit Kombu. It was fun!

Online cooking class Gyudon and Chawanmushi

Let’s cook gyudon (beef bowl) and chawanmushi (steamed in a tea bowl)
We can cook it so easily but very tasty. We prepare it in the course without a steamer.

You need very thin (about 1 mm) sliced ​​beef, onions, light soy sauce, eggs, shrimps, shiitake and chicken. I can send you kombu seaweed if you need it. I want to enjoy the delicious meal with you.

I want to start at 5pm on Sunday 4th October. At the end we have a toast at 6:30 p.m.

Do you already have the “Zoom App” on a tablet ( or on a notebook with a camera?

Join the Facebook group for links to ZOOM meetings. Or you can get the link from me after making the reservation.

The first online course is free. If you have already done an online course with me, it costs 50 francs per screen (regardless of how many people participate per screen).

You can pay the amount via Twint or via bank transfer.
The recipe and the link to ZOOM meetings will be sent after your registration.
For registration

I’m looking forward to seeing you!


gyudon in Kochkurs in Zurich
gyudon in Kochkurs in Zurich
chawanmushi in cooking class in Zurich
chawanmushi in cooking class in Zurich

Catering at the birthday party in August 2020

I offered catering for a lovely family’s birthday party. Thank you very much!

Sushi catering in Zurich
Sushi catering in Zurich

Sushi catering in Zurich
Sushi catering in Zurich

One day intensive sushi class in July 2020

We prepared thin rolls, inside-out Rolls and Nigiri in 5 hours in English. It was fun!

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にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ スイス情報へにほんブログ村 料理ブログ 料理教室へ

inside-out roll sushi class in June 2020(2)

We prepared inside-out Rolls in 3 hours. It was fun!

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Japanese cooking (Teriyaki) in June 2020

We cooked Teriyaki-Chicken in the class. It was so delicious!