Japanese-vegetarian cooking class in August 2019

We held a vegetarian Japanese cooking class. It was so delicious, full of taste!
We cooked
Kombu broth (Kombu-Dashi),
Miso soup with Abura-age
Edamame rice,
Zucchini with chilli powder,
Deep fried tofu with ginger,
Agedashi Tofu,
Chawan Mushi,
Teriyaki with eringi and paprika
and Greentea ice.


vegetarian Japanese cooking class

vegetarian Japanese cooking class

One day intensive sushi class in July 2019

We prepared thin rolls, inside-out Rolls and Nigiri in 5 hours. It was fun! ‪



Japanese cooking (Teriyaki) in June 2019

We cooked Teriyaki-Chicken in the class. The chicken skin was crisp, the meat was juicy, it was so delicious!

Japanese cooking (Okonomiyaki) in June 2019

We cooked okonomiyaki, omelet (tamago-yaki), Salted salmon (shio-jyake), miso soup, Japanese rice with edamame and Sesame-Pudding in the class. It was so delicious!