Private course with a maximum of 4 people

Dear customers

Under the rule of “up to 5 private meetings”, we will only provide private classrooms at my home or at your home upon request.

Course participants do not necessarily have to come from a single household, as federal household regulation is only a recommendation. We can hold private courses for up to 4 people (5 people including me), but we are closed for regular classes. Thank you for your understanding.

I look forward to seeing you in our online class!
Please stay safe.

private sushi class in October 2020

I made shrimp sushi rolls and nigiri sushi in a private sushi class. Private classes are perfect for those who cannot eat raw fish. It was a lot of fun this time as well.


private Japanese cooking class in July 2020

We cooked shoyu ramen, gyoza, yakitori and gyudon in a private Japanese class for 6 hours. The wines were provided by

It was fun!


Online-Sushi-Event im April 2020 während der Quarantäne

We rolled Inside-Out-Rolls Sushi online through ZOOM with our customers. We really enjoyed it.
Stay healthy!


Onsite sushi course in Zurich in April 2019

I gave an onsite sushi course to a family in Zurich.
I had a really wonderful time. Thank you so much!

Onsite sushi course for a Swiss company in January 2019

We gave a swiss company an onsite sushi course.
We had a really wonderful time. Thank you so much!

One day intensive sushi class in August 2018

We prepared thin rolls, inside-out Rolls and Nigiri in 5 hours. It was fun!

Onsite Sushi class in July 2018 (2)

I visited the beautiful house and we prepared nigiri, inside-out Roll and thin rolls. It was fun!


inside-out roll sushi class in June 2018 (2)

We prepared inside-out Rolls in 3 hours. It was fun!

Japanese cooking class (Shoyu-Ramen) in June 2018

We cooked tantan-ramen, Gyoza and Bon bon chicken. I made the ramen-noodle with the “Philips Pasta Maker“.