Sushi class

I am happy to give courses outside of the standard schedule for two or more persons. Don’t hesitate to ask me at!

Class type Contents Hours Price pro person

(Price on weekdays)

1 One day intensive class We will learn inside-Out rolls, thin rolls and nigiri sushi in this course. 5 Hours 220 Fr

(200 Fr)

2 Inside-Out roll (for beginners) A course on how to make an inside-out roll – success guaranteed! 3 Hours 110 Fr

(100 Fr)

3 Thin rolls Thin rolls are said to be the most difficult. With tips to keep the filling in the middle and the roll from falling apart. 3 Hours 110 Fr

(100 Fr)

4 Nigiri sushi (tuna, salmon, shrimp) We learn the tuna, salmon and shrimp nigiri sushi so popular in Switzerland. Ideal for everyone giving nigiri sushi a first try. 3 Hours 110 Fr

(100 Fr)

5 Japanese cooking This course introduces you to everyday Japanese cooking. I will show you how you can easily prepare and enjoy it, even in Switzerland. 4 Hours 165 Fr

(150 Fr)

If you participate in the same course again, you will receive a 20% discount.
You can choose and combine two out of the three courses (Nigiri sushi, Hosomaki (thin roll) and Inside-Out roll) in one class.