Private class

Question 1: How much does it cost?
Answer 1:
For private courses with 1-8 people, the course price increase depending on the number of participants.

The prices for private courses are as follows
1 person costs 3 times the normal course price
2 persons: 2 times the normal course price
3 persons: 1,5 times the normal course price
4 persons: 1,2 times the normal course price
5-6 persons: the same price as for the normal course, but the room is reserved for the whole group.
7 or more persons 0.9 times the normal course price.

 normal110 CHF125 CHF165 CHF220 CHF
1Pers.3x330 CHF375 CHF495 CHF660 CHF
2Pers.2x220 CHF250 CHF330 CHF440 CHF
3Pers.1.5x165 CHF187 CHF247 CHF330 CHF
4Pers.1.2x132 CHF150 CHF198 CHF264 CHF
5-6Pers.1x110 CHF125 CHF165 CHF220 CHF
7+ Pers.0.9x99 CHF112 CHF148 CHF198 CHF

This is an absolute bargain for 7 people on weekdays, Monday to Thursday! A 3.5-hour sushi roll course, for example, typically costs 125 francs per person on weekends.
So with 99 francs per person on weekdays, you benefit from more than a 20% discount.

Question 2: Can a course take place at our place or should we come to you in Winterthur?

Answer 2: Yes, you can do a course at your place and I can come to you.
Travel costs: 1,5 CHF per kilometer

Question 3:
Can I choose the dishes I want to cook?

Answer 3: Yes, you can choose one main dish, two side dishes, and one dessert from the list. Alternatively, you can choose three main dishes.

If you want a vegetarian or gluten-free meal, please don’t hesitate to contact me!