About “Sushi Yoko”

Born in Himeji, Japan, and with several years of work experience as an IT expert in international companies, I completed professional training at the renowned Tokyo Sushi Academy in 2004/2005. Afterward, I got married and moved to Switzerland. Since 2007 I have taught more than 3000 people — always dressed in kimono — how to prepare sushi and cook Japanese food, and have delighted countless others with sushi catering. I would enjoy doing the same for you!

Sushi Yoko
Sushi Yoko

Yoko’s sushi classes
Attend a sushi class with up to 8 participants, at my place or yours.
• Sushi roll class for beginners “Inside-out roll”, “Thin roll” and “Hand roll”
CHF 125.00
• One day intensive class “Inside-out roll”, “Thin roll”, “Hand roll”, “Sashimi” and “Nigiri sushi”
CHF 220.00

Sushi-Kurs in Zurich
Sushi-Kurs in Zurich
Yoko’s Japanese cooking class
Learn to cook 4 Japanese everyday dishes in a small class of up to 8 participants, followed by a joint meal enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere, at my place or yours.

Japanischer Koch-Kurs in Zürich
Japanischer Koch-Kurs in Zürich
Yoko’s online classes
3 Japanese dishes in 2 hours — at home on the internet.
Teriyaki hamburger
Gyudon, Chawanmushi
Roast beef with yuzu-kosho
1 class CHF 65.00
4 classes CHF 230.00
8 classes CHF 450.00
(price per connected screen)

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Online class in Zurich
Online Kurs in Zurich
Yoko’s private classes
Put together a menu of your choice and cook in a private group.
• main dish(es)
• side dish(es)
• dessert(s)
• Sake or umeshu

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Yakitori und Chawanmushi
Yakitori und Chawanmushi
Yoko’s gift vouchers
Gift your loved ones Japanese food culture with a cooking class voucher.
• 3.5-hour sushi roll class for beginners
• 4-hour Japanese cooking class
• 5-hour intensive sushi class
• four online class lessons, 2 hours each (private)
Gutschein sushi kurs
Gutschein Sushi Kurs
Yoko’s Catering
Spoil yourself! Hire me as your personal Japanese chef and sushi master for any occasion such as
• a family celebration
• a birthday party
• a company event

Sushi Catering in Zurich
Sushi Catering in Zurich
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Yoko’s workshops
Invite everyone to an event: family, friends or co-workers. Learn together with a group of up to 20 how to make sushi — followed by a shared meal. You pick the location, whether it’s your own place or an event restaurant/space.

Workshops in Zurich
Workshops in Zurich
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Yoko’s business support
Profit from my sushi knowledge and my contacts in Japan, such as
• related to import/export
• trade fairs, shows, and exhibitions
• Japan-related promotions, e.g. online product endorsements

Exhibition in Zurich
Exhibition in Zurich
Yoko’s link collection
Explore my link collection: websites, Youtube-, podcasts, Instagram- and Facebook-Posts … for example some of my publications on kimono, with more than 11000 followers, and about sushi classes.
Yoko’s tea ceremony with mochi preparation

Invite to an event: Family, friends or company/department. Allow up to 20 people to learn how to make mochi and matcha – followed by a meal. At your own premises or an event venue of your choice.


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