About “Sushi Yoko”

Born in Himeji, Japan, with several years of work experience as an IT expert in international companies, I completed professional training at the renowned Tokyo Sushi Academy in 2004/2005. Afterward, I got married and moved to Switzerland. Since 2007 I have been teaching more than 10,000 people — of course, always dressed in kimonos — how to prepare sushi and cook Japanese cuisine, and have delighted countless others with sushi catering. I would appreciate it if you could join us!

Sushi Yoko
Sushi Yoko

Yoko’s sushi classes
Attend a sushi class with up to 8 participants, at my place or yours.
• Sushi roll class for beginners “Inside-out roll”, “Thin roll” and “Hand roll”
CHF 125.00
• One day intensive class “Inside-out roll”, “Thin roll”, “Hand roll”, “Sashimi” and “Nigiri sushi”
CHF 220.00

Sushi-Kurs in Zurich
Sushi-Kurs in Zurich
Yoko’s Japanese cooking class
Learn to cook 4 Japanese everyday dishes in a small class of up to 8 participants, followed by a joint meal enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere, at my place or yours.

Japanischer Koch-Kurs in Zürich
Japanischer Koch-Kurs in Zürich
Yoko’s online classes
3 Japanese dishes in 2 hours — at home on the internet.
Teriyaki hamburger
Gyudon, Chawanmushi
Roast beef with yuzu-kosho
1 class CHF 65.00
4 classes CHF 230.00
8 classes CHF 450.00
(price per connected screen)

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Online class in Zurich
Online Kurs in Zurich
Yoko’s private classes
Put together a menu of your choice and cook in a private group.
• main dish(es)
• side dish(es)
• dessert(s)
• Sake or umeshu

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Yakitori und Chawanmushi
Yakitori und Chawanmushi
Yoko’s gift vouchers
Gift your loved ones Japanese food culture with a cooking class voucher.
• 3.5-hour sushi roll class for beginners
• 4-hour Japanese cooking class
• 5-hour intensive sushi class
• four online class lessons, 2 hours each (private)
Gutschein sushi kurs
Gutschein Sushi Kurs
Yoko’s Catering
Spoil yourself! Hire me as your personal Japanese chef and sushi master for any occasion such as
• a family celebration
• a birthday party
• a company event

Sushi Catering in Zurich
Sushi Catering in Zurich
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Yoko’s workshops
Invite everyone to the event: family, friends or even co-workers. Learn together with a group of up to 20 how to make sushi from scratch — followed by a shared meal. The location is up to you, no matter it’s your own place or an event restaurant/space.

Workshops in Zurich
Workshops in Zurich
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Yoko’s business support
Profit from my sushi knowledge and my contacts in Japan, such as
• related to import/export
• trade fairs, shows, and exhibitions
• Japan-related promotions, e.g. online product endorsements

Exhibition in Zurich
Exhibition in Zurich
Yoko’s link collection
Explore my link collection: websites, Youtube-, podcasts, Instagram- and Facebook-Posts … for example some of my publications on kimono, with more than 11000 followers, and about sushi classes.
Yoko’s tea ceremony with mochi preparation

Enjoy event with your family, friends or your coworkers from your workplace. You can learn with up to 20 people together to learn how to make mochi and matcha – followed by a meal at your own space or an event venue. A tatami mat is not required. Just bring a set of table and chairs.