Sushi roll course (for beginners)

12/05/2024 - 2:00 PM
Class name3.5 hours of sushi roll course (for beginners)
Class overviewYou will learn an inside-out roll, a thin roll, and a hand roll in 3.5 hours, which are easy even for beginners!
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3.5 hours
Preis110 Fr. (prices on weekdays, Mo.-Thu.)
130 Fr. (prices on weekends)
(per person)
PlaceFrom Winterthur central station with bus no. 1 three stops direction "Töss" to the stop "Loki." From "Loki" to me, it is about 200 meters walk.
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What you should bringPlease bring an apron and a large freshness box (more than 22 cm, if
possible) with you.
Course ExtraYou'll learn an inside-out roll preparation method that's guaranteed to succeed!
The Spicy Tuna roll, which is very popular with Swiss people, also tastes good to people who are not so fond of raw fish.
Course Guide Click here for more information.
The opinion of the customerComing from a French-speaking area, the course that allowed me to learn three types of sushi rolls in 3.5 hours came in handy. (Lausanne, M)
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SeatsThe courses are held with a maximum of 10 participants.
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Private courses on weekdays (8 people) cost CHF 99, which is a 25% discount on the regular course price (CHF 130).
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