matcha workshop with mochi making and a tea ceremony

14/08/2024 - 6:30 PM
OverviewYou will learn how to make mochi with fruits and ice cream and how to serve matcha green tea, which is easy even for beginners!
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2 hours
Preis100 Fr. (prices on weekdays)
110 Fr. (prices on weekends)
(per person)
PlaceFrom Winterthur central station with bus no. 1 three stops direction "Töss" to the stop "Loki." From "Loki" to me, it is about 200 meters walk.
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What you should bringPlease bring an apron with you.
Course ExtraYou'll learn a mochi preparation method guaranteed to succeed without a microwave!
If you make and enjoy matcha (green tea) every day, you can concentrate more, reduce your stress and get vitamins. The caffeine in green tea continues more than in cafes.
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The opinion of the customerI tried to make mochi at home. But it was so sticky and not so smooth. Yoko showed me an easy recipe, and she did not even use a microwave! Now I can enjoy the healthy, gluten-free, and fresh mochi without buying it at a supermarket.
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Mochi with Strwaberry
Matcha and Mochi with strawberry

mochi making in Zurich
mochi making in Zurich