Class guide (Sushi class)

1. ConsultationQuestion about difficulties with the preparation at home
2. Explanation of the tools (bamboo mat, wooden bowl)What means should you buy at least?
3. Cooking sushi rice from Japan with a pot and a rice cookerHow to cook always perfect sushi rice with a pot? (No matter how much rice and what a hero! Always perfect!) I will explain it logically.
4. Prepare sushi vinegar from JapanWhat is the best ratio?
5. Prepare sushi rice in a wooden bowlHow can you prepare good sushi rice?
6. Practice knife sharpeningHow can you always have a good knife? (Having a sharp knife is the most important thing!)
7. Tips for cutting a slice of fishHow can you cut a thin slice from a large block of fish? (Against fibers, like a thin slice? No matter how big the block?)
8. Shaping nigiri with the ten essential steps!Never press rice tightly!
9. Decorating the nigiri sushiHow to serve stylishly?
10. TastingHow to use wasabi and chopsticks?
11. Explanation of the recipe and nori leaves from JapanHow many grams of rice and fish do you need for a thin roll and an inside-out roll?
12. Basis of ingredient selection and sourcing optionsWhere can I buy this in Switzerland?
13. Description of rolling direction (to keep the filling in the center; with model)What do you need for rolling?
14. Rolling.Step by step!
15. Cutting and decorating the sushi rollCutting is more complex than rolling. So how can you cut beautifully?