Online cooking class Gyudon and Chawanmushi

Let’s cook gyudon (beef bowl) and chawanmushi (steamed in a tea bowl)
We can cook it so easily but very tasty. We prepare it in the course without a steamer.

You need very thin (about 1 mm) sliced ​​beef, onions, light soy sauce, eggs, shrimps, shiitake and chicken. I can send you kombu seaweed if you need it. I want to enjoy the delicious meal with you.

I want to start at 5pm on Sunday 4th October. At the end we have a toast at 6:30 p.m.

Do you already have the “Zoom App” on a tablet ( or on a notebook with a camera?

Join the Facebook group for links to ZOOM meetings. Or you can get the link from me after making the reservation.

The first online course is free. If you have already done an online course with me, it costs 50 francs per screen (regardless of how many people participate per screen).

You can pay the amount via Twint or via bank transfer.
The recipe and the link to ZOOM meetings will be sent after your registration.
For registration

I’m looking forward to seeing you!


gyudon in Kochkurs in Zurich
gyudon in Kochkurs in Zurich
chawanmushi in cooking class in Zurich
chawanmushi in cooking class in Zurich

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