a waiting list for the August sushi roll class (for beginners)

Thank you for always having so many people come to our sushi classes at my home. We cook rice in a rice cooker and pot each time. We have a waiting list for the August sushi roll class (for beginners). Please click here to make a reservation. http://www.sushi-yoko.ch/en/events/cat/3std-sushi-kurs-zurich/

Summer table setting


3.5 hours sushi roll class


How to cook sushi rice with a pot


Everybody rolled sushi very well.

Follow me, please. https://www.instagram.com/sushi_yoko_com/

Japanese finger food class for Vegetarian at a Community Center

I gave a vegetarian finger food class in VHS Wynental AG after 2 hours drive. I enjoyed a lot with 13 Students.

Edamame Rice (Edamame-Gohan),
Mini tomato salad in cold dashi soup,
Thickened mushroom soup (Kinoko no toromi jiru),
Teriyaki tofu with ginger (Atsuage no Shoga teriyaki) and

To make a reservation, please click here.

Please check about private courses.

Private Sushi Class for Team building

I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you for your coming. If you would like to learn how to make sushi face to face, please come to my place instead of an online class. By the way, how about a 5-hour intensiv sushi class as a gift? We’ll send you a gift certificate with her/his name on it. Please click here to buy a voucher online.

Online table tea ceremony classes for a student in Japan on a weekly basis

The advantages of taking a table tea ceremony class course online are, You can take the course at any time and any place, You can also review the lessons as many times as you like on video, I recommend online courses, especially for those who are not good at remembering things. I can also provide tips and tricks for presentations and online classes during the course, I am confident in recommending this course to anyone considering instructor certification!

1st and 2nd sessions on 22.5.2023


3rd and 4th sessions on 22.5.2023


5th and 6th sessions on 29.5.2923


7th Session on 1.6.2023


Online tea-ceremony class with a student in Canada

I met Sachiko-san, a resident of Canada who has been practicing the Urasenke style of tea ceremony since her teenage years, through the audio app Clubhouse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we have loosely stayed in touch, and she has participated in online kimono tea parties.

After attending an online kimono tea party in April, she promptly applied for the instructor qualification course for the Table Style Tea Ceremony Tsubaki on the same day. Her decision-making skills were impressive! She completed the curriculum for Table Style Tea in three days, including seven lectures and 15 and a half hours of practice with me through Zoom.

Four days later, there was an event at a tea house the following Saturday, and she attended it.

This course is ideal for beginners or those who need to perform tea ceremonies at short notice. While learning the tea ceremony is a lifelong pursuit, having clear goals in sight enables even beginners to do their best.


Table tea ceremony at the FESPO international travel expo in Zurich

I performed table tea ceremony at the International Travel Expo “FESPO” in Zurich. I was very happy that people of various races and people with disabilities were able to participate.


Visit a sushi bar with Yoko in Akashi, Japan

We’ll meet at the JR Akashi station and walk in the famous fish market “Uonotana” at 5 P.M.
At 6 P.M., we will eat fresh Sushi at a counter in Sushi Karin and drink Swiss wine together.
It takes around 40 Min from Osaka to Akashi by JR train.

For reservation

Fish Market in Japan
Fish Market in Japan

Fish market in Akashi, Japan
Fish market in Akashi, Japan

Akashi Yaki (Instagram)

Fisch market in Akashi, Japan (YouTube)

Sushi course or ramen course voucher as a Christmas gift

Have you bought Christmas presents? How about a voucher for a sushi course or a ramen course?

All coupons contain the receiver’s name and are thus an individualized present! The last mail before Christmas is scheduled for December 23 at 6:00 p.m.

If you are in a hurry, I can email you the voucher as a PDF file within 12 hours at the latest.

Online shop

You may pay the amount via. PayPal or via. TWINT.
About payment

Gutschein Sushi Kurs in Zurich
Voucher for the Sushi class in Zurich

Private Ramen and Gyoza class in autumn 2022

A wonderful family from Lausanne came to my class in Winterthur, Zurich!
We made the ramen noodles with the Philips Pasta Maker and cooked shoyu ramen, gyoza and bon bon chicken.

The 12, 15, and 16-year-old kids did very well! I hope they will try them at home too.

Thank you so much for the 8 hour round trip.

Gyoza cooking class in Zurich
Gyoza cooking class in Zurich

Self-made Gyoza in Winterthur
Self-made Gyoza in Winterthur

Gyoza in Zurich
Gyoza in Zurich

House made Ramen in Zurich
House made Ramen in Zurich

Making Soup for Ramen
Making Soup for Ramen

Cooking Ramen
Cooking Ramen

Shoyu Ramen in Zürich
Shoyu Ramen in Zürich

Japanese cooking class in Zurich
Japanese cooking class in Zurich

Private cooking class with a teppanyaki plate

I had the pleasure of giving an on-site cooking class for a client’s wedding anniversary celebration. We prepared okonomiyaki, teriyaki chicken, fried rice, and Kobe beef steak on a teppanyaki grill! I had a wonderful time! Thank you so much! Create your desired menu and cook it in a private course. https://www.sushi-yoko.ch/class-2/class/ @sushi_yoko_com
Teriyaki chicken
Kobe beef steak and fried rice
Always fun with this!
Chicken on the teppanyaki grill
Cut cabbages for okonomiyaki

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