Japanese vegetarian finger food course (new!)

I gave the Japanese vegetarian finger food class.

We have
Edamame rice (edamame gohan),
Mini tomato salad in cold dashi soup,
Thickened Mushroom Soup (Kinoko no toromi jiru),
Teriyaki tofu with ginger (Atsuage no Shoga teriyaki) and
Tamagoyaki prepared.

I recommend this for parties.

Thank you for your participation!

Japanese vegan finger food in Zurich
Japanese vegan finger food in Zurich
Japanese vegan finger food in Zurich
Japanese vegan finger food in Zurich
Mini-Tomaten-Salat in kalter Dashi Suppe
Mini-Tomaten-Salat in kalter Dashi Suppe
Teriyaki Tofu mit Ingwer
Teriyaki Tofu mit Ingwer

Online Cooking Course: Sashimi and Nigiri sushi

Why don’t you make nigiri sushi together in the online class on Saturday, March 13th from 5 pm to 6:30 pm?
You will be able to make cool nigiri sushi like those made by professionals.
This time I want to make nigiri sushi with salmon. Of course, you can prepare the sushi with prawns, scallops and avocado. You can use a kitchen (flambé) burner if you have one.
Or join the free Facebook group.
cooking group

Nigiri sushi online class
Nigiri sushi online class
Sashimi class in Zurich
Sashimi class in Zurich

Private course with a maximum of 4 people

Dear customers

Under the rule of “up to 5 private meetings”, we will only provide private classrooms at my home or at your home upon request.

Course participants do not necessarily have to come from a single household, as federal household regulation is only a recommendation. We can hold private courses for up to 4 people (5 people including me), but we are closed for regular classes. Thank you for your understanding.

I look forward to seeing you in our online class!

Please stay safe.

I wish you a happy new year!

Thank you for your participation. I had a lot of fun at 20 online courses!
I wish you a happy new year!

For Reservation www.sushi-yoko.ch/events/cat/online
Or please join Facebook cooking group (free) .

Have you already tried to prepare sushi after the course?

Have you already tried to prepare sushi after the course? My customer sent photos of her creations. Beautiful!
Practice makes the master.
Thank you Mrs. Y.J.

If you order the voucher in the morning, it will be shipped the same day.
You can pay via Twint, PayPal, Bank transfer. It takes only 5 Min.


Japanese cooking class (Shoyu-Ramen) in October 2020

We cooked shoyu-ramen, Gyoza, Bon bon chicken and Green tea cream brulee. I made the ramen-noodle with the “Philips Pasta Maker“.

Catering at the birthday party in September 2020

I offered catering for a lovely family’s birthday party. Thank you very much!


inside-out roll sushi class in June 2020(2)

We prepared inside-out Rolls in 3 hours. It was fun!

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